Bespoke funeral arrangements

Whatever you are looking for we can take care of all your needs.
We understand that losing a loved one is devastating and
our friendly team is ready to arrange everything for you in the way you wish from a choice of coffins, ashes containers, keepsakes or even jewellery from a loved one’s Ashes.
We will try to meet all your needs.
Feel free to discuss your requirements and preferences with us.

Willow Cromer


VW Camper Selection


English Willow, Rounded Buff & Natural


English Willow, Buff & Brown


Lavender Flowers

Pandanus Leaf Rounded

Somewhere Near

Shire Horses

Willow Highsted


Solar System

Banana Cord Rounded

Delicate Roses

Pride and Joy

Silver Glitter


Beach Huts

Land Girls

Real wood Oak Veneer

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