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Basic, Non Attendance Cremation
At a day & time of our choosing

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The examples below show what we feel, to be an easier to understand costing of typical Funerals.

For the Bearers and Driver and for Undertaker’s attendances; making all arrangements with Thanet Crematorium for the Cremation of the deceased; obtaining statutory forms; preparing and attending to all essential documentation; making and receiving all necessary telephone calls; providing a polished Oak Veneer Coffin with brass fittings, name plate, closing screws, wreath holders; interior lined with domette, silk and satin accessories, pillow and trimmings, and paying all disbursements on your behalf. £1000.00
Removal of the deceased from within the Thanet Area (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) Excluding National Bank Holidays £85.00
Providing facilities, preparation and care of the deceased and placing the deceased in a shroud (Viewing not included)

DISBURSEMENTS – Thanet District Council:
Cremation fee (9.30 a.m.) (which includes cremation of the deceased, Medical Referee, Environmental Surcharge & Wesley Music System)  £675.20
Medical Certificate required by the Cremation Authorities (currently, only one Doctor) £82.00  
If the Coroner is involved this fee will not need to be paid

If you do wish to view, this will incur a fee for additional preparation and care. (By arrangement within normal working hours) £100.00
We shall provide you with all the relevant details and fees, as sometimes there are other variables which may have to paid depending on the circumstances surrounding the death.

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